Our Back to School Giveaway: Where would you go?

We are celebrating students going back to campus the best way we know how: Planning on getting students away from campus. Prizes of our Back to School Giveaway include free flights and ScholarTrip gear, with our lucky first place winner getting a free round-trip ticket on Turkish Airlines to destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Can’t decide where you’d go if you won our Back to School Giveaway? Here’s the consensus on where we at ScholarTrip would go with a free Turkish Airlines ticket: 

Europe: Athens, Greece

Ancient buildings and a mountain at dusk

European countries have so much to offer travelers, and Greece is no exception. Start your Greek adventure in Athens, where you can discover one of Europe’s most storied cities. Spend a few days in Athens taking in all the ancient sights and amazing museums, or set sail on an island-hopping adventure to Mikonos, Santorini and more. 

Asia: Seoul, South Korea

A buffet of Korean food

If you’re set on going somewhere in Asia with this ticket, go to South Korea. Seoul is a fascinating city, offering explorers a mix of ancient sites and modern conveniences. It is safe, easy, and the day trips to surrounding areas are second to none. 

Africa: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

Zebra's walking on a grassy field

If you want to go to Africa and you’re not looking to see the pyramids in Egypt or relax in Morocco, you’re probably looking for a safari. Kenya may be known as the safari capital of Africa, but just south of Kenya you can explore the plains of the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Start in Dar es Salaam and be ready to be wowed by Africa’s “big five” game. 

Middle East: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A woman walks on a beach towards a tall building

Dubai is perhaps the most popular destination in the Middle East. See all of the modern comforts the city provides like parks, shopping centers, and beaches (don’t forget the Burj Khalifa), all while in walking distance of the historic district and bazaars of the city. 

Whatever you end up choosing, follow us on Twitter and let us know where you go!

Visit our Instagram (@scholartripusa) to out how to enter our Back to School giveaway. Hurry, this offer ends Tuesday, September 5, 2022.

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