Australia: Open For Travel in 2022

Australia’s borders are now open for travel, and we can’t be more excited to head to the land down under. Students all over North America and Europe are getting inspired for a trip to the Outback. Now that Australia is open for travel, here are ScholarTrip’s top four reasons to visit Oz.

1. Australian Architecture A pool by the ocean in Bronte Australia

Sydney houses some of the finest architecture in Australia. Check out the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Queen Victoria Building, and, we would be remiss not to mention the Sydney opera house! For those who want a bit of nature in their cityscapes, Brisbane’s Streets Beach is a world class man made beach. The Great Ocean Road is sure to be one of the most beautiful drives or bike rides you’ve ever taken.


2. Natural WondersA clown fish hiding in purple reef

Perhaps just as stunning as Australia’s manufactured wonders are their natural ones. Australia is known for the famed Great Barrier Reef, but offers so much more above land. Not too far away from the reef is Surfer’s Paradise Beach. Close outside of Sydney’s Metropolis are the Blue Mountains. For travelers looking for more of a trek further out into the Australian wilds, consider Kakadu national park or a hike out to Uluru rock.


3. Cultural Melting Pot Aboriginal art displayed on the Sydney Opera House

If you’re a patron of the arts, Melbourne is the place for you. Take a walk down St. Kilda Street for a thriving scene of live music and street art. Stop along the way at any of the city’s smaller shops and cafes. More than art and music, Australia as a whole has seen extensive immigration from the Mediterranean area and South Asia, making it a hub for culture, and bringing along with it some excellent, authentic Indian, Greek, and Mediterranean food.


4. Thriving Nightlife A woman wearing sunglasses at night

In Melbourne and Sydney, Lively days lead to lively nights. With pubs and clubs at every left turn, Melbourne is the place to go for students looking for late night adventures. For those travelers that prefer to start their parties off early, Australia offers a large wine country and array of vineyard tours. And if you’re feeling lucky, Australians have casinos dotting every major city for those that want to roll the dice day or night.


A kangaroo in tall grass

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