Belgium Travel: Top cities to visit

You shouldn’t have to pick and choose what to do in Belgium. For American travelers, this country is about the size of Maryland. If you’re planning to see Belgium and want to be sure to hit all of the hotspots, ScholarTrip has you covered with a trip across the country that takes you to all the major draws with no more than 90 minutes travel time from place to place.

Ships in a harbor with tall buildings in the distance in Ostend

Belgium makes great use of its limited coastline. In fact, the Belgian coast is known for its white sands, beach towns, and lavish resorts. Ostend is the cream of that coastal crop. Out of all of the coastal cities, Ostend hosts the best beaches, museums, and city life in Belgium. And if you’re there in July or August, you’re likely to catch the sand sculpture festival as well.

Houses and bikes line an alley in Bruges

Next up, the architecture and the cityscape are what tourists visit Bruges for. The Markt in the city center, the boat trips on the canals, belfries, and the Basilica of the Holy Blood. All important stops to make while you’re in the city. But After the tourist attractions close for the day, the Brussels nightlife has much to offer. With a pub on seemingly every corner, you’ll never be too far from a Belgian style ale. 


tall ornate buildings line a square in Antwerp

As promised, Bruges to Antwerp is less than 90 minutes by car. Antwerp has just as much to offer in terms of cathedrals, markets, and museums, but what makes Antwerp special is the uniform gothic architecture that swallows the city back into the gothic period. Just getting lost in the streets is the best thing that Antwerp has to offer. Just don’t let it surprise you when you see someone using a smartphone and have to snap back to the 21st century.


Flowers create a display in a square in Brussels

Brussels is the crown jewel of Belgium, and for good reason. Make sure to see the grand palace and the royal palace while you’re there, but once you do, our advice is to find as many of the cheesy looking tours and museums as possible. None of them will disappoint. The locals know their beer, so make time for a beer tour, and all of the history and art tours you can fit into your schedule.


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