Discover London through the lens of the Bridgerton Series

By: Miriam Bribiesca

Dearest Readers,

Becoming a member of the ton is now a possibility. In fact, brace yourselves for an extraordinary adventure through the enchanting streets of Regency-era London. As avid devotees of the Bridgerton series, we have carefully curated a list of locations to immerse yourselves in the world of grand balls and captivating romance.

Now, let us whisk you away to the precise London locations that inspired the backdrop of this sensational hit series all while keeping in mind your travel needs and budget. Prepare to be transported to a world of elegance and discovery.

Skyline of London

First up, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge

As you glide across the cobblestones, the Houses of Parliament rise before you, exuding a majesty that rivals even the grandest ballrooms. As you venture across the Westminster Bridge, you’ll feel as though you were present during the courtship of our beloved Daphne and the Duke of Hastings. And while you’re at it, you can also dive deeper and book a tour to explore the Westminster parliament for as low as $35 per person. What a delight, indeed!

Inside of the Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House in Covent Garden

Follow in the footsteps of our enchanting debutantes as you grace the halls of the Royal Opera House. Known for its exceptional productions, stunning Opera performances, and the highest caliber of talent. This is the place that will transport you back to that era. Simply by the architecture and it’s stunning facade, you’ll witness the grandeur and excellence of being part of the ton. But do not forget to book in advance and bring all of your travel companions to experience the melodies and stolen glances of the performing arts.

Lake view of James Park

St. James’s Park

Right in the heart of London, a tranquil refuge awaits, promising idyllic moments with stunning views that feel as if it were stolen from a painting. Wander through the oasis of St. James’s Park, where the gentle breeze carry whispers of love and gossip. Just as you had imagined while watching the series, you too can embark on romantic walks, charming picnics, and maybe even croquet all while admiring the park’s picturesque landscapes.

Landscape view of the National Gallery in London

The National Gallery

Gaze upon the captivating portraits that inspired our beloved characters and find even more fuel to carry you on while we wait for the next season of Bridgerton. The national gallery beckons all those with good taste and curious minds. Become captivated by an era where passion and beauty intertwine, plus take advantage of the free entrance to attend tours, free events and so much more. And just like the series, this one will require multiple visits, but each time will leave you with something new.

Now is time to embark on this journey through the magnificent London locations that bring the world of Bridgerton to life. And as a member of the ton, we have some captivating deals that will help you make this dream a reality. Take a look HERE at our offers and finally set the date for the marvels of London await you.

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