Five Reasons to Study Abroad in South Korea

The Korean Wave has hit the Western sphere hard with Korean pop culture, entertainment, music, TV, and movies capturing new fans every day. With the rise of its cultural economy, South Korea has seen an influx of tourists and internationals visiting the country and experiencing its rich culture. More and more students are choosing to study abroad in South Korea, which is why we’re sharing five reasons you should spend a semester abroad in this thriving Asian country.

1. High quality education

South Korea hosts some amazing universities, including Seoul National University (SNU), Korea University (KU), and Yonsei University (YU). These three make up the elite SKY universities list, or most prestigious universities in Korea. To locals, SNU is the top institution in Korea; it offers a wide variety of subjects within 16 colleges, with over 800 classes taught in English. SNU is globally recognized for their innovative research in engineering and natural sciences, making it a leader in the space. International students can apply for various scholarships and visit the Office of International Affairs for any guidance or assistance.

KU and YU are both private universities and more centrally located in downtown Seoul. These universities are also popular amongst internationals, with hundreds of classes taught in English and generous financial assistance. 

2. Fast moving economy

KU and YU are both private universities and more centrally located in downtown Seoul. These universities are also popular amongst internationals, with hundreds of classes taught in English and generous financial assistance. 

3. Affordable and budget friendly for students

What more could a broke college student ask for than a low cost study abroad experience? Compared to other developed European countries, South Korea offers quality education for affordable tuition and fees. The cost of living – room and board, food, transportation, and more can easily fit into a student-size budget. 

Aside from tuition, the cost of food, entertainment, and public transportation in Korea are also pretty reasonable. You can have the time of your life without breaking the bank! 

4. Thriving student life 

There will be no shortage of fun activities to do if you study abroad in South Korea. From cultural celebrations, K-pop concerts, movies, Seoul has everything a student needs and wants. A big party scene awaits in Korea, with locals often staying out until 7am on the weekends. The nightlife is buzzing in districts like Hongdae, Gangnam, Itaewon, that attract locals and foreigners alike. With a diverse range of nightlife activities and extravagant bars and clubs, you can expect to become a night owl during your time here! 

While you are abroad, you can also take advantage of cheaper travel costs to neighboring countries like China and Japan. There is also plenty to see in South Korea alone outside of Seoul, such as Busan or Jeju-do for more stunning scenic views.  

5. Rich culture and scenic landscape

Studying abroad in Korea also means experiencing their culture and traditions firsthand. This country’s history dates back thousands of years ago and its marvelous tradition mixes well with its modernity. You can go from visiting ancient temples to shopping at enormous malls on the same day. Furthermore, its beautiful landscape and natural beauty can be seen in most areas, as it is largely mountainous with gorgeous gardens. 

South Korea is a foodie heaven with its delicious authentic cuisine. There are plenty of food options to choose from – high end restaurants, hole in the wall establishments, and street vendors. Eating out is cheap and convenient, which is perfect for students. 

Discover more about this amazing country with our South Korea Travel Guide.

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