Ten Amazing Destinations for Fourth of July Fireworks

Looking to celebrate the Fourth of July with a bang? These top 10 fireworks shows are the best (and literally brightest) way to celebrate Independence Day.

10. Block Island, Rhode Island
A red brick lighthouse

This place is eclectic, and not the easiest to reach. But for the limited crowd present, Block Island in Rhode Island has an impressive display that you can view from the beach or by boat.  


9. Nashville, Tennessee 
neon lights outside of honkey tonk bars in Nashville

Nashville fireworks, on the other hand, are anything but eclectic. Just about the only similarity is the option to watch the fireworks by boat. There are, in fact, things more American than apple pie, and all of them are in Nashville. Country music, barbeque, light beer, and an arsenal of fireworks.


8. Mount Rushmore, South Dakoda 
The Mount Rushmore monument

This one gets points for patriotism. Those travelers who like a little bit of exploration to go with their trip, the Black Hills area is a good destination to make a camping weekend of. 


7. Commerce City, Colorado  
Green and brown valley with a mountain in the distance

There are firework shows all over Colorado worth a look for anyone wanting to stay local. The one in Commerce City just north of Denver is the one worth traveling for though.  


6. Chicago, Illinois   
Skyscrapers in Chicago

The navy pier fireworks in Chicago is another high quality show with plenty of places to watch from. Out on the lake, by river cruise, or just standing on the pier, Chicago’s fireworks display is so broad that you’ll be able to enjoy from virtually anywhere.  


5. Pasadena, California  
A man in a tshirt and jeans watches a sunset

Americafest, viewable from the Rose Bowl stadium, is one of the best fireworks shows in California, and that’s saying something. You need tickets for this one, so be sure to plan ahead!.  


4. Las Vegas  
FIreworks over the Las Vegas strip

Just walking around the Las Vegas Strip is a great fourth of July experience, but to make the most of the fireworks, we recommend getting on the rooftop of your choice of Vegas hotels.  


3. Washington D.C.  
The statue of Lincoln sitting in a chair in the Lincoln Memorial

Points for patriotism again. The only thing more patriotic than watching fireworks over Mt. Rushmore is watching them over the National Mall in Washington D.C.


2. New York, New York  
The Brooklyn Bridge and the buildings of the island of Manhattan

Macy’s fireworks show perfectly marries location and display. This NYC show is grand enough to be televised, but nothing beats being there in person. And watching fireworks go off over the Statue of Liberty while standing on the Brooklyn Bridge just makes it better.  


1. Dallas, Texas  
Tall buildings of the downtown Dallas skyline

Kaboomtown, USA. Fitting for Texas, this is the largest fireworks show in the U.S. Go for the fireworks, and for anyone wanting to make a weekend of it in a city with great shopping, dining and nightlight, Dallas is the place to go.  


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