Top 10 London travel tips Gen Z travelers should know

There’s a lot to do around London. Here are ScholarTrip’s top ten London travel tips for student travelers and London newcomers. 

Tip 1:  Have a contactless payment options to ride the Tube A man wearing headphones in front of a London tube train

There’s a lot to see in London, so easy transport is a must. Traveling on the London Underground (the subway system) plus buses and trains is a breeze if  you have a contactless form of payment like Apple Pay or Google Pay, or a credit card with contactless payments. If your bank doesn’t allow contactless payments for London transportation, you can also buy a pre-paid Oyster Card.


Tip 2: Save money on food, shop London grocery stores

Sure, sure. London hosts some world class eateries. But for the student traveler, British cuisine itself doesn’t hold nearly as much fame. Buying meals from grocery stores around London skips the big dinner bills and puts more money to what London is really known for: The sightseeing.


Tip 3: Stay in central London

Being close to the city center is a must in London. With all that money you’ve saved on meals, shell out the big bucks for a hotel in the heart of the city, or consider cozy Airbnbs and hostels that keep you close to the action all the same. Check out areas like Bloomsbury, Bayswater, and Earl’s Court for friendly hostels offering cheap stays.  

Tip 4: Start your night early

American students in particular will need to get used to this bit of culture shock. Many London pubs, restaurants, and shops close earlier than they do in the US. Public transit is limited after hours, so oftentimes you find yourself heading home around midnight. At least you can get ready to start your day early with all those extra hours of sleep. 

Late night clubs and taxis do exist in London, but expect to pay more late at night.  

Tip 5: Keep an eye on scheduling popular attractions a car of the London Eye and Parliament at night

Locals hate it, and it is certainly a touristy draw, but the London Eye offers arguably the best view in the city. If the king of Ferris wheels is something you want to experience while there, be sure to book well in advance. Tickets sell out months ahead of time in peak seasons. You can book your London attraction entry tickets and plan things to do in London with ScholarTrip.  

Tip 6: Culture. Fashion. ART!
Murals painted on brick walls

London’s art scene can’t be missed. Really, it’s everywhere, but we recommend you go out of your way for it as much as possible. Check out museums and galleries, or venture out to Hackney to see street art and graffiti. Many of London’s world-famous museums including the British Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Victoria & Albert Museum are completely free.    

Tip 7: To see? Or not to see? It shouldn’t be a question.

British theater has long dominated the world stage of live drama. For a taste of history, or for something more modern, head over to the West End for tickets to a London play. To get discounted London theater tickets, you can visit the TKTS booth in Leicester Square for unsold tickets offers, check online ticket brokers, or head to the box office before a show to see if standby deals are available.

Tip 8: Beer before liquor

Actually, just skip the liquor. London is well known for its beer and while you’re there, you should drink it. If you find something you really like, there are plenty of breweries in the city itself. But London pubs typically offer an array of drafts from standard to unique.  

Tip 9: Prepare for the little thingsA London taxi and double decker red bus under union jack flags

It’s the little things that always make for culture shock. Just remember these London travel tips before you leave: 

  • Brits drive on the left. 
  • Dollars are not accepted anywhere. Get British Pounds from an ATM or pay with your credit or debit card. 
  • Brush up on your Londoner vernacular, mate. 


Tip 10: Get out of London!

This is one of the best tips for exploring a city, if a bit ironic. Don’t be afraid to venture out! London isn’t just great for it’s metropolis, but for what’s just outside of it as well. Consider a day trip out to a village, shire, castle, or estate to take a break from the city scenery while there. Check out over 100 day trips from London.


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