South Korea Travel Guide

Visiting South Korea will present you with endless possibilities for sightseeing, food
touring, and exploring what makes South Korea unique. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to see it all in one short trip. Here are the things you must do in South Korea to get the full experience while you’re there:


Seoul is a massive, vibrant city. Frankly, you can’t go wrong making this your starting point as long as you make it
part of your stay. This is the place to try Korean BBQ, hit the Karaoke bars, and get your
shopping fix. The neon atmosphere will present plenty of unique photo ops too.

Here are our top neighborhoods for Seoul we recommend:

  • Seongsu-dong for gram worthy scenery
  • Gangnam for the shopping
  • Hapjeong-dong for local eats
  • Itaewon-dong for nightlife

Jeju Island

Jeju Island is nearly the polar opposite of Seoul, and it takes being there in person to see why it’s
called the “Island of the Gods.” From an American’s perspective, Jeju Island is to Korea as Hawaii
is to the U.S.: Glorious luxurious tropical paradise annexed from the mainland (except maybe
better). This is the perfect place to lounge about on the beach all day, but if you feel like getting a
bit more adrenaline, Jeju Island is known for its amusement parks.


Andong is neither city nor beach destination. Andong earns its place on this list because it
provides a unique, rich cultural experience that is more powerful than simply being in another
country or city. This is where you come to see traditional South Korean homes and architecture,
sample traditional Korean food, and see pieces of South Korea’s history in Andong’s museums
and galleries.


Busan earns its place on this short list for the opposite reasons: Busan’s cohesive
experience. It’s the perfect balance of all the strengths Seoul, Jeju Island, and Andong have to
offer. Being the second largest city in South Korea provides an urban experience, paired with the
beaches, parks, port, and suburban surroundings make for a sort of South Korean catchall
experience. If you can’t decide what to do In South Korea or you only have time for one stop,
consider Busan.

Special Shoutout: Seoraksan National Park

Seoraksan Did not make it on this list only because the park warrants a visit all to itself.
To get the full effect you’ll need minimum two days at the park, but it’s certainly worth the time.
Out of South Korea’s 22 national parks, this is said to be the most beautiful.

Planning your South Korean trip? See more travel tips on our blog and reach out to us on social
media to highlight about all the best spots to visit.

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