5 Must-Visit Wellness Spots for a Weekend Getaway this Valentine’s Day

By: Miriam Bribiesca

It’s that time of the year where the quest for the perfect way to celebrate love has moved to the top of our list. And this year, why not escape the cliché dinner dates and chocolate boxes for something truly memorable? A wellness retreat offers the unique opportunity to connect, relax, and celebrate love in some of the most beautiful places just a short flight from the United States.

Whether you’re in a relationship looking to deepen your bond or single and embracing self-love, a Valentine’s Day wellness getaway is a perfect way to honor what love truly means. From the deserts of Sedona to the tropical paradise of Tulum, the following getaways promise overall wellness that will leave you radiating when you walk back into that classroom. So pack your bags and prepare for a Valentine’s Day that’s about more than just roses and heart-shaped balloons!

A young couple holding hands on a scenic hike through the Arizona desert, a perfect adventurous getaway for students.

1. Sedona, Arizona

Celebrate your love in the landscapes of Sedona, where the stunning red rocks create the perfect backdrop for a romantic wellness weekend. Indulge in couple’s massages, sunset yoga sessions, and hikes that promise to deepen your connection with you or your significant other. 

We recommend checking out Sedona Spiritual Retreats. They offer personal and couples retreats designed to deepen your connection through private sessions that may include counseling, spiritual awakening activities, and healing practices. All while set against the backdrop of Sedona’s breathtaking scenery. Sign us up right now!

College friends practicing partner yoga in a serene studio, embodying wellness and mindfulness during a relaxing retreat.

2. Tulum, Mexico

Treat your Valentine to a beachside getaway in Tulum where you can dive into the crystal-clear waters where the Caribbean Sea meets ancient Mayan ruins. While there spend your days exploring cenotes, enjoying beachfront yoga, or simply lounging by the sea. And if that is not enough and you are looking for an even more curated experience we recommend checking out Our Habitas.

Our Habitas offers a unique approach to wellness focusing on community, sustainability, and personal growth. The retreat includes a variety of experiences such as ocean meditation, cultural immersion, and wellness workshops. Technically it’s designed for those looking to find a deeper connection to themselves, their partner, and the environment. And because the program emphasizes mindfulness and connection, this is what we consider the perfect getaway for a meaningful Valentine’s retreat.

University students ready for snowboarding adventures amidst the picturesque, snow-covered pine trees of a winter resort.

3. Banff, Canada

Nestled within the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, Banff is for those who prefer snow over sand. Only a short flight away, this location offers a winter wonderland filled with cozy fireplaces, hot springs, and breathtaking mountain scenery. Sounds like romance here will be in the form of sleigh rides, skiing down powdery slopes, or soaking in the natural hot springs. 

Otherwise if you are looking to splurge a little more in the name of love, we recommend checking out the Rimrock Resort Hotel. Perched just above the town of Banff, this hotel offers luxurious accommodations with insane mountain views. And because it’s all about relaxing this Valentine’s, their Spa and Stay packages include treatments from their inhouse Spa, where you can enjoy a couples massage, facial as well as access the hotel’s fitness facilities, and fine dining options. Clearly this is an ideal retreat for those looking to indulge in luxury and romance amidst the beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Where’s the champagne at?

A group meditation session at a wellness retreat, with a focus on relaxation and mindfulness, ideal for a student wellness break.

4. The Berkshires, Massachusetts

For those on the East Coast, the Berkshires offer a peaceful retreat amidst rolling hills and picture perfect towns. Known for its cultural sites, outdoor activities, and wellness retreats, it’s a great place to go deeper through art, music, and nature. The great part about this region is that it is accessible by car from several major cities, or if that’s not your jam, it’s even accessible by train from New York City. No excuses!

Now, while there, check out Kripalu Center. Known for offering a variety of yoga and wellness retreats that can be tailored with a focus on self-love, making them an excellent choice for singles or anyone looking to reconnect with their partner. And to convince you even further, participants can choose from a variety of workshops, yoga sessions, and outdoor activities, all designed to nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

A student enjoying a self-care routine with a spa facial treatment, reflecting the rejuvenating experiences available on student wellness trips.

5. Costa Rica

While it might seem a bit far for a weekend trip, catching a direct flight can make parts of Costa Rica just within distance to experience a relaxing weekend getaway. With its breathtaking rainforests, volcanic hot springs, and pristine beaches, Costa Rica offers a plethora of wellness retreats that cater to yogis, self-care queens, and eco-adventures. Trust us when we say that there’s truly no shortage of activities to do here as a solo or accompanied traveler. 

But because we’ve been talking about love nonstop in this article, let us recommend one last place: The Retreat Costa Rica. The Retreat was created as a healing sanctuary, and currently offers the Love and Reconnect Retreat for couples looking to deepen their bond. The program focuses on holistic wellness, including farm-to-table dining, spa treatments, and activities like yoga and meditation designed to deepen connection. Plus, it’s perched on the mountains giving you breathtaking views that are an ideal setting for a peaceful and romantic escape.

If you were left daydreaming of any of these places you are not the only one. Each of these destinations provides a unique setting for self-discovery and adventure that extends beyond the four walls of your favorite class. Whether you’re looking to meditate in the desert, soak in hot springs among snow-capped mountains, or unwind on a tropical beach, there’s a weekend getaway waiting for you and all you have to do now is take advantage of our unbeatable student deals to make this happen. But before you do all that, remember that the purpose of a wellness retreat is to recharge and reconnect, so make sure to pick a place that speaks to your heart. We hope you have one of the best Valentine’s Day yet and one of these locations help you transcend and experience love on a whole new level!

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