Study Abroad Programs: National Fellowships

Participating in study abroad programs is a college experience no one regrets. There are likely many opportunities through your school to study abroad. However, there are also many prestigious fellowships that can build onto your resume and grant you the chance to study abroad.

US Fulbright Program

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The US Fulbright Scholarship is an opportunity through the US State Department to continue in higher education, conduct research, or teach English abroad. You can choose from over 140 countries worldwide and embark on a unique academic journey. Applications for the 2023-2024 cycle are open. Undergraduates can apply in their senior year of college for the next academic year.

Critical Language Scholarship

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The Critical Language Scholarship is a summer study abroad opportunity for undergraduate students through the state department to increase the number of US students mastering foreign language. The State department offers the opportunity to study in 15 different critical languages, many that do not require previous study. Participating in the CLS program can improve your chances at other fellowships and graduate school.

Boren Fellowship

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The Boren Fellowship is a study abroad opportunity for US undergraduate students that focuses on regions that are critical to the United States’ interests. If you are looking for a study abroad outside of common destinations such as Western Europe and Australia, this is the program for you. Boren Scholars also have the opportunity to study a wide range of critical languages such as Arabic, Chinese, and Swahili.

Gilman Scholarship Program

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The Gilman fellowship program specifically supports students with limited financial resources to study or intern abroad. These students must be recipients of the Federal Pell Grant. The award not only provides financial incentives to go abroad, but also provides prestige that will help students in their future career endeavors.

All these programs create prestige on their own as well as give students the chance to travel abroad. These unique and competitive programs facilitate cultural exchange and give students a chance to experience a new environment and a new academic challenge.

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