10 Amazing Things to do in Paris

Can’t decide between the tourist draws and local gems? You shouldn’t have to. ScholarTrip has you covered on the hotspots that are worth it, and the little known Parisian spots. Check out our best places to visit in Paris. 

5 tourist attractions that live up to the hype: 

1.  The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower at dusk

Heard of it? The Eiffel tower is #1 on the list for a reason. If you’re visiting Paris, this is the attraction you need to see. Some might call it gimmicky, but at ScholarTrip, we think it really is all that. And a pro tip: If you’re able, take the stairs. You’ll be up and back down before you ever would have gotten close to the front of the line for the elevator.

Lines at the Eiffel Tower can be long during peak times, so save time by booking Eiffel Tower tickets and tours in advance.

2. The Louvre
A man looks at the Mona Lisa painting at the Louvre in Paris

Another big name that has earned its spot in the minds of tourists. If you think of Paris, after you’ve thought of wine and cheese and the Eiffel tower, you’ll probably think of the Louvre Museum. The Louvre hosts world class art under world class architecture. Take in halls of stunning art, historic monuments, and don’t forget to stop by the world’s most famous painting while you’re there.

3. Sacré-Coeur
The Scare Coeur Basilica lit up at night

This Paris landmark is built on the highest point in the city. Those religious travelers could attend a service, but the architecture and history in the church plus some of the best views of Paris makes the basilica a worthy stop for any traveler.  

4. Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe in Paris

If you’ve seen the tour de France, you’ve seen the Arc de Triomphe. But if you’re in Paris, the Arc is something you just have to see in person to fully appreciate the grandeur

5. Notre Dame
A gargoyle on the side of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Not the fighting Irish. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is over 800 years old, and the perfect blend of history and culture in the middle of the Seine. The view of the cathedral from the river banks is magnificent, but if you have a chance to go in, this is a must visit.  

And 5 Paris spots you might not have heard of:

1. Promenade Plantée
A typical Parisian style building and trees

Need a break from city life? The Promenade Plantée is a gorgeous, serene, break from the noise just outside of its borders. Plan a picnic, or just sit for a while and enjoy the gardens. 

2. Damoye Court 

This is a spot you won’t find in the brochures. Off the beaten path, Damoye Court is the place to go for prime Parisian social media pics. Walk through the streets and stop at all the boutique shops along the way.

3. Versailles Palace
The hall of mirrors at Versailles Palace

Versailles is technically just outside of Paris, but it had to make it on to the list. For the travelers who like a bit of history with their exploration, Paris will never disappoint, and Versailles is a beautiful place to experience it.  

4. Gallerie Vivienne

Gallerie Vivienne might just be the king of shopping malls. If your wardrobe is missing something French, this is the place for you.

5. Le Clos Montmartre
A man holding a wine glass with white wine

Don’t even think about leaving Paris without trying some French wines. Le Clos Montmartre is the only vineyard in Paris itself. Take a tour and sample a taste of France without leaving the city of Paris.

Discover more about French wines and culture with wine tastings in Paris.


Discover more about the best places to visit in Paris, plus plan activities, tours and day trips to make the most out of your time there. Oui also have discounted student fares to Paris.  

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