Navigating the airport: Tips to avoid missing your flight

In the past few years, travel has changed a lot. We’re here to help you manage it. Just remember these few things for a smooth travel experience so you won’t be missing your flight.

Tip 1: Get to the airport early
A long line of people at an Italian airoport

Lots of travelers means longer wait times. Especially when traveling internationally, make sure to add a generous amount of travel time to get through checkin and security lines to make it to your gate on time. This means getting to the airport three hours early for international travel, and two hours early for domestic trips. If you miss your flight, you may lose the entire value of your ticket and have to buy a new one. 


Tip 2: Check your airline
A person checking in for a Swiss flight at an airport kiosk

Sometimes, airlines will sell seats on another airline’s flights in what is called “codesharing.”  Make sure you know which airline is operating your flights so you can make it to the right terminal for check in or risk missing your flight. For example, if you booked a United Airlines flight operated by SWISS, you should check in with SWISS. 

Tip 3: Verify Covid-19 requirements

Before you fly, make sure to check if there are any Covid-19 vaccination or testing requirements needed for both your destination AND your layovers. Some countries also require travelers to complete electronic health declarations before the date of travel, or have specific travel insurance that covers Covid-19. Check out our Covid-19 travel resource page to see which countries have reduced or eliminated entry restrictions. If you show up without the correct documents, you may not be allowed to travel. 


Tip 4: Bring a mask  
A young woman wearing a mask inside an airport

You don’t need to wear a mask when flying within the US, but you may need one when traveling to other countries. Pack some extra masks in your carryon bag in case they are required by your airline or destination country


Tip 5: Check in online
A man views a mobile boarding pass for on his watch

Checking in online is one of the best ways to save time at the airport. Find your confirmation code on your ScholarTrip booking email to view your flights and check in on the airline’s website. Not only can you get a mobile boarding pass, but you may be able to select seat assignments and reconfirm your departure and arrival times. Many airlines also allow you to upload any Covid-19 documents like test results and vaccine cards in advance. 

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