Weekend Getaways in California for Students

Whether you are originally from California or moving there from out of state, the West Coast is an awfully fun place to be for college. Since it’s easy to get wrapped up in the bubble of classes, extracurriculars, and experiences that college is, getting away from campus every now and then is helpful when you need to take a step back. Luckily, if you go to college in Cali, there will be plenty to explore in your college town and beyond. Plan to explore everything California has to offer during lighter or less busy periods of time throughout your four years. Here are our top eight weekend getaways in California:

San Francisco

Napa Valley & Sonoma

Yosemite National Park

Once you’re sweaty and tired, cool off in one of the swimming holes in the park, such as Tenaya Lake or Merced River.

Laguna Beach

Crystal Cove State Park is another wonderful, scenic spot known for its shimmering sand beach and beautiful natural landscape. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of opportunities to surf, kayak, swim, hike, and much more in this area.

Lastly, Heisler Park offers great views of the Laguna Beach coastline. You can walk along the trail in the afternoon and see the many public art pieces on display.

Lake Tahoe

Big Sur

Pfeiffer Beach is a beautiful gem loved by locals and tourists. Known for its violet-hued sand and home to Keyhole Rock, this beach is stunning with its backdrop of mountains and high tides. Bixby Bridge is another iconic landmark of Big Sur that you can drive through. It offers scenic and breathtaking views of the water. There’s a lot more to do in Big Sur, from hiking waterfalls to exploring campgrounds, so make sure to enjoy this place to the fullest!

Joshua Tree National Park

Los Angeles

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