Where to go in Croatia: Split vs. Dubrovnik

The best places to go in Croatia for any traveler are Split and Dubrovnik. If you’re planning on seeing Croatia, and you’re trying to decide where to go in Croatia between the two hotspots, ScholarTrip has you covered on just the essentials that each city has to offer. 


Blue Cave 
The outline of a woman standing in water in a blue cave

Points to Split, this is the #1 tourist spot in Croatia, and while it is possible to get there from Dubrovnik, the journey from Split is far easier. The waters in the grotto on Biševo island are so crystal clear blue that no picture could do them any justice. The journey out to the blue cave provides plenty of time to hang out on a boat and appreciate the Croatian coast so you can relax before and after you explore. 

Plan a day trip to the Blue Cave in advance to save your spot.

Krka National Park 
Waterfalls in a green park

Just outside of Split is Krka National Park. If you’ve brought good hiking shoes, and you’re looking for a day away from the coast, rent a car or a taxi for a day trip out to the park. Tucked away in the park is a waterfall with a natural swimming pool so you can cool off after your hike, and get the travel photo of a lifetime.

Old Town Split
Red roofed buildings of Split Croatia and the sea

Old town is the historic district of Split. City squares dot the roads, and the markets always make for fun shopping excursions. Many of the buildings there have been preserved since the original Roman construction, and if that kind of history is what you look for when you travel, a tour of Diocletian’s palace should be at the top of your list.  

Discover more activities and things to do in Split. 


Architecture, architecture, architecture! 
A woman in a straw hat looking at red roofed buildings

This city is gorgeous. There are beautiful monuments, cathedrals, and castles everywhere you look. Even the “regular” houses and storefronts are something special. Tours of the city’s biggest architectural spectacles are available, but you can’t go wrong with a self-guided stroll. See a monument off in the distance that looks interesting? Start walking. You can’t go wrong.  

The Game of Thrones Tour Steps of Shame from Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

While you’re guiding yourself through the monuments and historic buildings of Dubrovnik, and things start to seem familiar, they should! Who doesn’t love a bit of Game of Thrones Lore? Take walking or sailing tours through the set of King’s Landing. (Completely rebuilt from the dragon attack).

Dubrovnik Cable Car
A red cable car going up a mountain

Dubrovnik truly is a gorgeous city, and the cable car allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the city, castle, and Croatian coast. Cable up to the top of Srd Hill and stay for a meal or a drink with one of the best views in Croatia.

 Check out more Dubrovnik sightseeing and activities.

Best of both: Split & Dubrovnik

If you’ve got the time, we definitely recommend you see both Split and Dubrovnik. Rent or charter a boat on your way from one to the other to take in the Croatian coast as much as possible, and stop on some islands along the way if you’re feeling adventurous. 


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