What name format should I use for my booking?

VERY IMPORTANT: Please use the passengers’ full names EXACTLY as shown in their passport.

When entering travelers’ names for your booking, please provide the full names EXACTLY as they appear in their passports. (Please, pay special attention to spelling all names correctly to avoid unnecessary delays or complications at the airport!)

International air travel regulations in effect strictly mandate that passengers’ names in air reservations appear precisely as spelled in their passports. Travelers may be denied boarding the plane if the match is not exact. When possible at all, correcting a misspelled name on an already ticketed reservation will result in additional fees charged by airlines.

Please note:

a. If you recently changed your name and that change is not reflected in your passport, please use your full name as it appears in your passport nonetheless!

b. f your passport shows a double or triple first, middle or last name, please enter them all in the correct order in the corresponding input field on the purchase form.



Passport name: Siva Selva Kumar Srikrishnan Nadar

Enter as names as follows:

First: Siva Selva

Middle: Kumar

Last: Srikrishnan Nadar

(Please, include your middle name(s) even if not commonly used.)

c. If you only have one name, please advise your Travel Expert accordingly before booking your flight(s).

d. Please do not use entries such as “BLANK”, “NONE”, “N/A”, etc. in any of the name fields.

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