Electronics and Batteries

Before packing any type of electronic devices and batteries for your trip, please review the list of permitted items and possible associated restrictions set by each air carrier on your itinerary.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other expert groups in the air transportation industry work tirelessly to identify and minimize potential safety threats of any kind in the air and on the ground. Transporting certain types of electronics and batteries has been associated with increased risks to the safety of aircraft crew and passengers. As a result FAA and air carriers have developed a list of items in this category that may be transported by air; said list includes special notes and instructions for particular devices and batteries. Please take the time to review this information posted on FAA’s website as well as the corresponding policies of each airline on your itinerary.

Please, remember: it is the passengers’ responsibility to make sure their transported items are in compliance with carriers’ and airports’ policies in effect.

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